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Any kind of industry, may it be public or private, small scale or multinational, will need managers to facilitate smooth functioning of the organization. That is why higher degrees in management is a sought out career option for students all over the world. But while pursuing your management degree you will need to submit a dissertation. This is a long format academic writing based on your original research. Students often get stuck on how to choose good management dissertation topics. That is why we are here to provide interesting management dissertation topics for management students. Go through the list below for good management dissertation ideas. Here are the list of good and interesting management dissertation topics Curated by our online dissertation help experts at University Assignment Helper.

Dissertation Topics In Business Management

  • Analysis of social network in business management
  • Digital transformation in business management
  • Clinical knowledge management investment in business
  • Monitoring brand equity drivers in different sectors
  • Diversification and risk management in business
  • Data driven business process in management based development of industry
  • Process mining in business management
  • Evolution of business management with respect to a region or context

Project Management Dissertation Topics

  • Digitalization of project management
  • Leadership and its impact on project team task performance
  • Implication of project success and job satisfaction on job crafting
  • Power of relations in finance of the structure of private-public partnership projects
  • The need for alignment of tools and methods in collaborative project delivery
  • Front-end project organizing and management
  • Relation of formal integrative mechanisms and relational norms in collaborative projects
  • Multi-project management in interdisciplinary context
  • Potential opportunities in research and practice of business management

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Event Management Dissertation Topics

  • Intergenerational service learning outcomes from community event management
  • Process and prospects for event tourism management
  • Customers in event management
  • Social media marketing in event management
  • Handling and management of crisis in events
  • Event management in terms of sustainability
  • Student perspective of event design
  • Students perception of shared platforms and digital learning for sustainable planning

Construction Project Management Dissertation Topics

  • Sustainable procurement in construction project management
  • Core capabilities of achieving sustainable project management
  • Barriers to implementation of value management in small project management
  • Review of value management studies in project management
  • Capitalizing knowledge management for improving management of project delivery in construction
  • Individual values in construction project management
  • Financial management in construction project
  • Financial risk management in construction projects
  • Social network analysis for barriers if implementing sustainable construction projects

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Sport Management Dissertation Topics

  • Implementing entrustable professional activities in sports events
  • Small college sport management
  • Impact of research project on professional identity development of academics in sports management
  • Conceptualization of diversity and inclusion in sports management classroom
  • Social media in sports management
  • Implicit leadership theories for students entering sports management career
  • Effectiveness of podcast in sports management

Engineering Management Dissertation Topics

  • Creativity and innovations in the competitive advantage
  • Impact of information explosion in middle management
  • A strategic planning approach to the establishment of faculties for advanced technology
  • Impact of advanced manufacturing technology on industrial relations
  • Factors affecting job obsolescence among production managers
  • Factors affecting differences in decision-making
  • Transition management and analysis of strategic considerations in effective implementation
  • Synchronization of material flow to aid production planning
  • Process and quality control issues in automated manufacturing of discrete parts
  • Improving engineering change management by the implementation of standardized description of engineering
  • Potential of work stations and its impact on the productivity of engineering managers
  • Improvement of engineering support services by product development and marketing

Strategic Management Dissertation Topics

  • Emotion in strategic management
  • Barriers to circular economy in small scaled enterprises and their integrating in sustainable strategic management framework
  • Enhancing strategic management using value addition with MCDA approach
  • Dissemination of corporate social responsibilities into the intellectual structure of strategic management
  • Development of strategic management framework for global energy post pandemic
  • Strategic business management for airport alliance

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Tourism Management Dissertation Topics

  • Strategic nets in tourism management and underpinning dynamic management capabilities
  • Knowledge management practices of tourism consultants
  • Implication of conservation and management in nature-based tourism
  • Perceived risk and attitudes mediating tourism knowledge and visit intention in ecotourism management
  • Impact of female top management team member replacement in the hospitality and tourism firms
  • Diverse conceptualization in sustainable recreation and tourism
  • Top-management compensation and survival likelihood of tourism industry
  • Long-term benefits of field trip participation for young tourism management professionals
  • Creativity and innovation in tourism crisis management

Risk Management Dissertation Topics

  • Relation between interacting strategy-making processes and lines of defense practices in strategic risk management
  • Firm type variation in the cost of risk management
  • Effects of sustainability practices on performance of risk management
  • Integrated management systems and its role in occupational risk management
  • Effect of enterprise risk management
  • Risk management practices in information security
  • An equilibrium model of risk management spillover
  • Impact of strategic and operational risk management practices on performance of firm
  • Framework for sustainable risk management and its implementation

Healthcare Management Dissertation Topics

  • Equity in water, sanitation, hygiene and waste in healthcare facilities with management services
  • Healthcare waste management
  • Healthcare management for oncology patients
  • Pandemic and healthcare solid waste management
  • Soft skills emergency management of healthcare professionals during time of crisis
  • Applications of operational research in healthcare coordination in disaster management
  • Blockchain technology for efficient data management in healthcare system
  • Healthcare management systems for pandemic and other crisis
  • Management of perishable pharmaceutical inventory in healthcare supply chain
  • Management of technology in maturity assessment in healthcare centers
  • Management of resources in pain assessment and management
  • Prevalence and management of pathogens amongst healthcare workers in times of crisis
  • Risk management and infection control

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Frequently Asked Questions Related To Management Dissertation Ideas

What Are Some Easy Management Dissertation Topics?

Easy dissertation topics will be the ones that interest you and are easy to research on. Some management dissertation topics have been listed here which you can go through and conduct your own research to find the easiest one!

What Should I Choose For Msc Management Dissertation Topics?

M.Sc. dissertation usually has time and budget limitations. When choosing a topic you need to keep those in mind. You can go through the list of topics provided here and check for the most plausible one.

Where Can I Find Project Management Dissertation Topics?

Project management is an interesting subject which needs an equally interesting dissertation. Some topic ideas have been discussed here which you can go through and choose the most suitable one.

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