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Architecture is an interesting subject but might be confusing when you have to elect one topic for dissertation. Good thing our assignment helper are at your service and here with a list of great architectural dissertation ideas. List of architectural dissertation topics curated by our online dissertation help experts.

Architectural Technology Dissertation Ideas

  • Application of IoT in architecture
  • On-site water technology in architecture
  • Immersive technological use in architecture and construction industry
  • AI enabled SDN technologies for security
  • 5G based internet for vehicles and its impact in architecture
  • Edge intelligence for smart airport runway
  • Construction of energy internet technology based on general system structure theory
  • Architecture optimization by utilization of SPAD integration to reduce DCR
  • V2G technology for autonomous coordination and regulated power dispatching
  • Lora gateway communication technology using artificial intelligence.

Architectural Design Dissertation Topics For College Students

  • Biomimetic architecture and biological sciences in architectural design
  • Implicit discretization of architecture design
  • Architectural design that incurs technical debt
  • Zero energy consuming building using solar panels and other renewable resources
  • Automated design based on CNN architecture based on efficient evolutionary search
  • Improving quantitative features using lighting in architectural design
  • Multi-objective LSM/NoC architecture co-design framework

Easy Architectural History Dissertation Topics

  • Building performance simulation in architectural history
  • New architecture interventions in castle ruins
  • Post colonialism architecture in non-western world
  • Relation between architectural history and political scene of countries
  • Evolution of architectural styles over years due to global warming
  • Museum architecture as a form of spatial storytelling
  • Importance of history in architectural education
  • Development of human settlements in architectural history

Related Dissertation Topics On These Subjects Listed Below

Good Architectural Engineering Dissertation Topics

  • BIM data flow with virtual reality technologies in architecture
  • Designing high rise sustainable buildings in climate zones
  • Engineering carbon nanotube hybrid for microwave absorption promotion in architectural design
  • Engineering self-adaptive cyber physical systems (Smart) in logical architecture
  • Architectural engineering induced flexible electrodes for lithium-ion batteries
  • Engineering an architectural design towards high-rate sodium storage performance
  • Simulation based optimization of architectural engineering

Interesting Interior Architecture Dissertation Topics

  • Difference in individual preference of interior architecture
  • Study of personality differences using virtual reality simulation of interior architecture
  • Role of techniques for expression in interior architecture
  • Domain specific software models used in interior architecture
  • Psychological and neural responses to interior architecture
  • Role of workshops in interior architecture education
  • Factors affecting function and decision of interior architecture design students
  • Interdisciplinary collaboration between interior architecture and interior product designers
  • Evaluation of product consumption in terms of sustainability

Best Landscape Architecture Dissertation Ideas

  • Reform in regional gardening styles due to globalization
  • Post-colonial effects on regional garden styles and its decolonization
  • Perennial values and cultural landscape resilience
  • Protecting biodiversity in urban spaces
  • Land use suitability of rural areas
  • Regeneration of urban spaces for maximum utility
  • Digital replication of cultural landscapes
  • Simulation of alternative coastal futures using web applications
  • Performance evaluation system for landscape architecture

Top Urban Planning Dissertation Topics

  • Climate change resilience in urban planning
  • Spatial decision making model of smart transportation
  • Urban planning based on coupled principle and internet of things
  • GIS of Internet of things driven data based urban planning and its characteristic analysis
  • Application of geosystem services in urban planning
  • Conceptual framework of city branding using urban planning
  • Transforming green urban planning to optimize equity
  • Strategic planning to include urban vegetation and sustainable development
  • Physics based simulation for natural hazard risk assessment in urban planning
  • Urban planning in context of respiratory pandemics
  • Software assistance in urban planning practice

Perfect Industrial Architecture Dissertation Ideas

  • Management of solidified dredged sludge in industrial solid waste and industrial architecture
  • Industrial Internet of Things Architecture in low latency data collection
  • Analyzing history of micro service architecture in industries
  • Blockchain architecture for industrial applications
  • Using of industrial robot arm in foam cutting for architectural purposes
  • Application of sustainable architecture for symbiotic industrial establishments
  • Value field of details in industrial architecture

Popular Green Design Architecture Dissertation Topics

  • Green city air monitoring and embedded Internet of Things in architecture
  • Green design for neo-vernacular architecture
  • Urban living lab experiment for green architecture education
  • Potential for landscape architecture and urban planning in the green design of modern cities
  • Significance of green design needs in architectural education
  • Research on parametric design phase for green building and energy efficient architectural scheme phase

Current Residential Architecture Dissertation Topics

  • Revolution of green residential architecture
  • Architectural procedural modeling and augmented reality used in residential building
  • Analysis of crowd evacuation high rise buildings with mixed ability population
  • Analysis of using weighted graphs and centrality measures in visual excitation
  • Roles of architectural design and on-site water servicing technologies in the water performance of residential infill
  • Control of architectural quality in energy performance ratings over residential prices
  • Application of low carbon design framework in high-rise building architecture

How To Write Dissertation?

  • The language should be formal, academic, concise and clear.
  • You need to cite reliable and credible sources. Both in-text and end-text references should be added. Check your university guidelines for the referencing style to be used.
  • Conform with your universities guidelines regarding time, budget and ethical considerations
  • Plan the structure of your writing beforehand and make points to be covered
  • Avoid plagiarism. Do original writing as much as you can. Paraphrase the rest. Cite the source wherever required.
  • Proofread to avoid mistakes and missed out points.

Still confused about how to make your dissertation? Avail our architecture dissertation help and let our assignment helper to get the grades of your desire.

Frequently Asked Questions Related To Architectural Dissertation Ideas

What Are Easy Architectural Dissertation Topics?

A few architectural dissertation topics have been discussed here. The ease to research on them will depend on the resources available to you and your interest in the chosen research topic.

How To Find Interesting Architectural Dissertation Ideas?

An interesting dissertation topic will be one that is in your interest field and applies your skillsets. Some interesting architecture dissertation topics have been discussed here according to the divisions in architecture.

What Are Some Good Architectural Dissertation Topics For College Students?

Some good architectural dissertation topics have been discussed here. You can go through them and conduct your own further research to decide on one.

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