What Is The Difference Between Citation, Referencing And Bibliography?

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Students frequently use terminology like citation, Bibliography, and references interchangeably. They assume that they all signify the same thing in general. Why are so many phrases used to describe them when they all mean the same thing? Why not just one? In truth, there is little distinction between each one of them, and for one to use them effectively, the difference must be grasped. Here in this blog, we will understand the reference types, citation, reference and Bibliography, and all other necessary information.

Comparison Between Citation, References, And Bibliography

As we said above, today we are here to discuss all the related and critical information that is important for university scholars. So, let's understand how Works Cited vs References vs Bibliography.


A collection of rules for citing a source in academic writing is known as a citation style. To prevent plagiarism, you must always cite sources, whether you quote from them, paraphrase from them, or summaries their work. Your chosen writing style will determine how you display these citations. You can also get assistance from a citation generator or from the experts available with us!

Different institutions, academic groups, and publishers publish different standards in official handbooks with explicit examples and instructions.

Even though there are many distinct citation formats, they all generally adhere to one of three fundamental principles: numerical, parenthetical, or note citations.

What Are The Different Types Of Citations?

The most obvious way to recognize any citation style is how the citations are displayed in the text. There are three primary methods:

Parenthetical Citations: You cite a source's identifying information in parentheses, generally the author's last name, the year it was published, and, if applicable, a page number (author-date). 

Numerical Citations: In this citation style, you are required to include the numbers using a bracket or through superscript.

Note Citations: Here, you must include a full citation in an endnote and footnote that is shown in the text using a number, symbol, or superscript.

As a student, you must know that citation styles can differ depending on how you enter Bibliography and format the reference list. Also, numerous style guides offer guidance on common issues like punctuation, text formatting, and numbers.


Referencing is a way to provide credibility to the sources from which you have collected information, data, or ideas. It facilitates the reader to know and understand how you've got the knowledge to expand your arguments or thoughts. Whether you're quoting from a book, summing up a magazine or article concept, presenting a factor with an image or paraphrasing information, you want to offer credibility to the author's work.

Why Do We Use A Cite And Reference?

When you are composing any instructional essay, paper, document or assignment, you want to spotlight the use of different author's thoughts and phrases so that you:

  • Give the author credit for their thoughts and paintings
  • Authenticate your arguments
  • Allow readers or audiences to observe the authentic information if they want to
  • Allows the reader to look at how dated the data would possibly be
  • Prove on your tutors/teachers which you have examined across the subject
  • Avoid plagiarism

Types Of References

Following a referencing pattern is a complex and fast instruction. They let you know what statistics you want to encompass for your reference, the order that statistics ought to appear, and the manner it ought to be formatted to your work. It is a crucial section; hence it is necessary to know the types of referencing styles with examples.

Referencing patterns will also offer precise commands for particular data kinds, which means a reference for an e-book will appear unique to a website's reference. You can check the course manual to know which referencing style you must use.

Generally, the university asks their students to use the below-listed referencing styles -

  • APA (American Psychological Association) system
  • MLA (Modern Languages Association) system
  • Harvard system, and
  • HRA (Modern Humanities Research Association) system


Let's start with what is a bibliography. A bibliography is termed a full-fledged list of each source that has been used for your research. As per our experts offering assignment writing service, we suggest including the following -

  • The name of the authors
  • Title of your academic project
  • University's name
  • Date of publication
  • Page numbers of your sources

Bibliography In APA Style

The APA stands for American Psychological Association. It is one of the most used writing styles. It is widely used for science and social sciences. This style uses a references list.

For APA style, the format is very much related to Chicago's author-date style, which is discussed under. In this, the year is followed by the author's name. Also, remember that you are required to put the year in parenthesis after the writer. After this, put the book name or journal and the page number.

Bibliography in Chicago Style

Students studying history texts are mostly asked to use the Chicago-style format. Also, you may hear Chicago style, sometimes called Turabian style. However, there are two reference page styles for this. These are explained below with examples by our university assignment helper professionals.

Author-Date Style

  • Author's Last Name, Author's First Name. Year of Publication. Title of Book: Subtitle of Book. Place of Publication: Publisher's Name.


  • Author's Last Name, Author's First Name. Title of Book: Subtitle of Book. Place of Publication: Publisher's Name, Date of Publication.

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