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Economics is a branch of social science that deals with the consumption, distribution and production of goods and services. In the age of exponential growth of the global market, economics has been a prosperous career option. When pursuing your higher education in economics, you will need to submit a dissertation. It is a long format academic writing based on original research done by you. This dissertation will significantly impact your overall grades and that is why you need to choose a good topic.

What Are Good Economics Dissertation Topics?

A good economics dissertation topic will abide by the following-

  • Should fit in the restrictions of the university guidelines
  • Be practical to do with accessible resources
  • Be need of the hour and have scientific impact
  • Be in your research interest and apply your skillsets

How To Find Interesting Economics Dissertation Topics?

The simple steps to find an interesting dissertation topic are-

  • Choose a module from your coursework
  • Study it in depth
  • Find a research topic that interests you
  • Identify a research gap
  • Frame a research question
  • Analyse the plausibility of the research

Some Good Economics Dissertation Ideas Curated By Our Dissertation Experts

We have discussed what a is good economics dissertation topic and how to choose it. But if you are still stuck, we have provided dissertation economics topics list here according to topic for your assistance.

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Economics Development Dissertation Topics

  • Quantifying financial and economics development

Reference- Greenwood, J., Sanchez, J. M., & Wang, C. (2013). Quantifying the impact of financial development on economics development. Review of Economics Dynamics, 16(1), 194-215.

  • Capital fundamentalism and economics growth

Reference- King, R. G., & Levine, R. (1994). Capital fundamentalism, economics development, and economics growth. Carnegie-Rochester Conference Series on Public Policy, 40, 259-292.

  • Financial aspects of economics growth

Reference- Gurley, J. G., & Shaw, E. S. (1955). Financial Aspects of economics Development. The American economics Review, 45(4), 515-538. Retrieved from

International Economics Law Dissertation Topics

  • Sovereignty and economics law

Reference- Raustiala, K. (2003). RETHINKING THE SOVEREIGNTY DEBATE IN INTERNATIONAL economics LAW. Journal of International economics Law, 6(4), 841-878.

  • Constitutional problems in international economics law

Reference- Petersmann, E.-U. (2019). Constitutional Functions and Constitutional Problems of International economics Law. Routledge.

  • Data-driven future of international economics law

Reference- Alschner, W., Pauwelyn, J., & Puig, S. (2017). The Data-Driven Future of International economics Law. Journal of International economics Law, 20(2), 217-231.

Economics History Dissertation Topics

  • Trends in world economics history

Reference- Gipolla, C. (n.d.). The economics History of World Population. Retrieved from

  • Impact of immigration on economics history

Reference- Abramitzky, R., & Boustan, L. (2017). Immigration in American economics History. Journal of economics Literature, 55(4), 1311-1345.

  • Significance of economics history and its impact

Reference-n North, D. C. (1978). Structure and Performance: The Task of economics History. Journal of economics Literature, 16(3), 963-978. Retrieved from

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Macroeconomics Dissertation Ideas

  • Development of macroeconomics

Reference- Fischer, S. (1991). Growth, Macroeconomics, and Development. NBER Macroeconomics Annual, 6, 329-364.

  • Relation between macroeconomics and politics

Reference- Alesina, A. (1988). Macroeconomics and Politics. NBER Macroeconomics Annual, 3, 13-52.

  • International macroeconomics

Reference- Obstfeld, M., & Rogoff, K. (1996). Foundations of International Macroeconomics. In Google Books. MIT Press. Retrieved from

Microeconomics Dissertation Ideas

  • Alternative approaches to evaluation of microeconomics

Reference- Blundell, R., & Dias, M. C. (2009). Alternative Approaches to Evaluation in Empirical Microeconomics. Journal of Human Resources, 44(3), 565-640.

  • Technology in microtechnology

Reference- Foster, A. D., & Rosenzweig, M. R. (2010). Microeconomics of Technology Adoption. Annual Review of Economics, 2(1), 395-424.

  • Human capital theory and microeconomics

Reference Fleischhauer, K.-J. (2007, January 1). A Review of Human Capital Theory: Microeconomics. Retrieved from website:

Agriculture Economics Dissertation Examples

  • Agriculture economics and its impact on sustainable development

Reference - Bertoni, D., Cavicchioli, D., Donzelli, F., Ferrazzi, G., Frisio, D., Pretolani, R., Ventura, V. (2018). Recent Contributions of Agricultural Economics Research in the Field of Sustainable Development. Agriculture, 8(12), 200.

  • Relationship between renewable energy and agricultural economics

Reference- Martinho, V. J. P. D. (2018). Interrelationships between renewable energy and agricultural economics: An overview. Energy Strategy Reviews, 22, 396-409.

  • Management practices in agricultural economics

Reference- Martinho, V. J. P. D. (2019). Best management practices from agricultural economics: Mitigating air, soil and water pollution. Science of the Total Environment, 688, 346-360.

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How To Find Economics Dissertation Help?

If you are still stuck with how to start your dissertation you can take economics dissertation help. Many brands also provide assistance with dissertation. University Assignment Helper is just a call away, 24*7 at your service!

Frequently Asked Questions Related To Economics Dissertation Topics

What Are Some Easy economics Dissertation Topics For Economics Students?

An easy economics dissertation is one that interests you. Steps to choose an interesting economics dissertation have been discussed. Also some examples of economics dissertation topics are listed here.

What Are Good economics Dissertation Topics For Students?

A good dissertation topic is one that abides by the university guidelines and is easy to work on. A list of economics dissertation topics has been discussed here.

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