What Is Gene Therapy?

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Gene therapy is the process of altering the genes to cure any genetic disorder. In other words, we can say that with the help of gene therapy, cells of human body can be regenerated by some genetic modification.

Gene therapy is used to cure those diseases which are not curable and caused by the deformity in genetic material. In order to make genes more effective, you need gene therapy as the treatment to cure any genetic disorder. The doctors who have to mitigate with these issues need to apply gene therapy as the treatment to cure the patients who are suffering from these genetic disorders. The initial version of gene therapy is known as the gene transfer. There are many diseases which are treated by gene therapy like haemophilia, cancer and sickle cell disease.

What Are The Different Types Of Gene Therapy?

Most genetic disorders can be treated with gene therapy because most genetic disorders are caused due to genetic mutation or we can say that you it is kind of genetic deformity. In other words, gene therapy is used to treat the defective cells of the body which are creating issues in the body. There are two types of gene therapy.

  • Somatic gene therapy: This therapy is used for treating the diseases related to somatic cells. This is one best method used to treat the genetic diseases.
  • Germ line gene therapy: This therapy is used in germ line cells of human body. This is also the best method of treating the genetic disorders. This process of gene therapy is used to reproduce the eggs and sperms. This therapy is not considered as the legal therapy in most of the parts in the world.

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What Is The Difference Between Gene And Cell Therapy?

Both the therapies are used to transfer the genetic and cell material to the patient's body. However, cells and genes both are interrelated because genes are found in cells that means cells are the genetic containers which contain the genes in it. Hence, we can say that genes are micro material as compared to cells. Gene therapy is used to replace the unwanted genes in the human body. In other words, we can say that both the terms can use interchangeably. Both the therapies are considered as the best therapies, however, it depends on the patient's requirement. Following are the factors which decide the preference of therapy.

  • Medical History: Medical history of the patients is also considered as the prime factors of choosing the type of therapy.
  • Health condition: Health condition of the patient is also one of the important factors used to consider the therapy type.
  • Test results: Test result of patient is also one of the factors which is needed while considering the therapy.
  • Reachability of treatment: Both the treatments are not available everywhere so the availability of the therapy is also the considerable factors.
  • Earlier used medicines: Preference of therapy is also based on the type of medication was prescribed by those doctors.

What Is Cystic Fibrosis Gene Therapy?

This method is considered as the permanent method of curing the genetic diseases of humans. With the help of this therapy, medical proactiveness transfer the real copy of CFTR DNA to cells. However, this therapy cannot treat the damage of any organ but can cure the genetic impurity of the body. In other words, it's kind of autosomal recessessive disease which happens by the mutation in genes in humans. Most of the patients died from lung disease which is cause by a bacteria. However, it is considered as the most flexible methods of treating the genetic diseases.

What Is Gene Cell Therapy?

This therapy is used cure genetic diseases of humans. With the help of this therapy, genes are transferred in to the body of patients to replace the muted genetic material. In this process genes are transferred to cure the genetic diseases like haemophilia, sickle cell diseases and many other diseases.

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What Is Sma Gene Therapy?

Gene therapy is also used to cure the Spinal muscular atrophy disease of humans. This therapy was allowed to cure the children under the age of 2 years. If someone is more than this age group cannot access this therapy. SMA gene therapy is given to the patients by using the IV. This process takes around 1 hour maximum. The children who receive this therapy are allowed only once in their life. Following are the advantages of gene therapy.

Cure the disease permanently: With the help of this therapy, patients can get relief from genetic disorder permanently

What Are Side Effects Of Gene Therapy?

The impact of gene therapy is greater on human health as it can cure various genetic disorders like Haemophilia, sickle cell, diastase and many more. However, there are many side effects of gene therapy on human body but it can cure multiple diseases. Following are the side effects of gene therapy.

  • Unwanted immune system is the result of gene therapy.
  • Sometimes it targets the wrong cells which are the biggest side effect of gene therapy.
  • The effect of gene therapy does not work for longer time and patients need to go through multiple treatments.
  • Sometimes it is also seen that it can cause cancer and toxicity in the human body.
  • It is very difficult to insert new cells into the body of humans because of critical technology.
  • Sometimes, it can cause the tumours in the human body after inserting new genes.
  • Change of genes in the human body can lead multiple issues in longer period like it can cause decrease immunity of boy, cancer and toxicity.

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