Too Many Law Dissertation Topics You Cannot Overrule

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A dissertation is a long format academic writing based on original research you have conducted. Most post-graduate courses have a mandatory dissertation credit for the fulfillment of the degree. This requires you to choose a topic and do research on it for a semester or so and submit the final dissertation for marking that will have a heavy weightage on your overall grades.

Many students find it difficult to even start with a good dissertation topic. Especially for a subject like law that has so much happening all at once. Due to the practical application of the subject, the research aspect is even more difficult. But do not worry. We are here to give you a head start with good law dissertation topics.

What Makes Good Dissertation Topics For Law?

A good dissertation topic should abide by the following points-

  • Answers the requirements of your university and coursework
  • Stimulates your interest and applies your skillsets
  • Addresses a present research gap
  • Relevant to your time and region
  • Does not violate any ethical considerations
  • Plausible under the restrictions of your coursework and available resources

How To Find Interesting Law Dissertation Topics?

If you are on the lookout for a good law dissertation topic, you can follow the steps discussed below-

  • Check the instructions of the dissertation
  • Choose a broad topic of interest
  • Conduct literature review
  • Choose a specialty
  • Frame the research question
  • Check for plausibility

Following these steps will help you shortlist good law dissertation topics. But if you are still confused as to how to go about it, there is a list of topics that has been curated by our dissertation helpers.

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Best Law Dissertation Topics Curated By Our Dissertation Helper

If you still cannot find any good law dissertation topics, you can refer to the list below. Our dissertation help experts have curated some trending dissertation topic under every specialization of law.

Criminal Law Dissertation Topics

  • Racial prejudice amongst criminals
  • The need for capital punishment
  • Reforms in custodial charge
  • Plea bargaining

Family Law Dissertation Topics

  • Development of family laws over years
  • Co-parenting and family laws
  • Civil partnership and parenting
  • Domestic violence and its implications

Medical Law Dissertation Topics

  • Legal status of assisted suicide
  • Ethical and cultural issues surrounding abortion
  • Negligence of medical practitioners- a case study of jurisprudence

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Human Rights Law Dissertation Topics

  • Rights of unaccompanied children in transnational borders
  • Right to religion in present day
  • Human rights of prisoners and reforms in custodial systems
  • War criminals and suitable punishments

Employment Law Dissertation Topics

  • Impact of religion on employment laws
  • Legal perspective of social work employment
  • Trade unions- pros and cons

Tort Law Dissertation Topics

  • Child protection law and its implementation against child labor
  • Male victims in domestic violence
  • Impact of child psychology on custody cases
  • Custody of children in case of emigration of parents

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Company Law Dissertation Topics

  • Relation between corporate governance and external auditing
  • Relation between corporate social responsibilities and company law
  • Relation between human resources, employer relationship, work culture and laws

International Law Dissertation Topic

  • The self-determination of minorities in the light globalization
  • Relations between international and national law and its evolution
  • The role of international organizations in the implementation and regulation of international law
  • Impact of historical events on the current scenario of international justice system

Contract Law Dissertation Topics

  • Transnational business and its implications on contract law
  • Enforcement of contract law in public sector
  • Online privacy policies implication
  • Digitization and contract law

Commercial Law Dissertation Topics

  • Predatory pricing practices
  • Financial crisis post pandemic and its effect on commercial law
  • Changing dynamics of commercial partnerships
  • Impact of international politics on changing commercial laws
  • Correlation between commercial laws of trading countries

Intellectual Property Law Dissertation Topics

  • Modern technology and intellectual property laws
  • Digitalization and copyright laws
  • NFTs and the need for improved intellectual property rights
  • Respecting cultures and their intellectual property

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Environmental Law Dissertation Topics

  • Environmental law versus development considering a case study that is relevant to your region
  • The impact of global warming and its regulation by environment laws
  • Globalization and need for development of environmental laws

If you are still stuck, there is nothing for you to worry about. Our dissertation helpers are always at your service and can assist you to get the grades of your desire.

Frequently Asked Questions Related To Law Dissertation Topics

How To Find Scots Law Dissertation Topics?

Scots law is the law of Scotland. You can select a broad topic that you want to explore and do literatures review to narrow down the area of research that you want to make a dissertation on. You also have to check the plausibility of the topic you choose.

What Are Some Good Law Dissertation Topics Human Rights?

A good human rights law dissertation topic would be the one that is relevant to the region and time of your research. You can do a case study on the current human rights crisis in developing countries or protests for the rights of minorities in your country.

How To Find Interesting Law Dissertation Topics?

You can select the module of your course that interests you the most and study on it to shortlist the topics that interest you. Try and frame a research question in that topic that is need of the hour and will impact the research community. It should also abide by the instructions given by your university and be plausible to have a research conducted on it.

What Is An Easy Law Dissertation Topic?

An easy law dissertation topic is one that interests you and you can find plenty of information available but also there is a need for the research that you are conducting. It is a hard spot to find, but not impossible. Go through our instructions to find a good dissertation topic and the list of dissertation topic examples provided.

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