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Nursing is an important role of health professionals. In your pursuit of a nursing degree, you will be asked to submit a long academic writing based on original research. This dissertation will weigh in on your overall grade. That is why you need to choose a good topic.

What Are The Best Nursing Dissertation Topics For College Students?

The best nursing dissertation topics are the ones that follows the given points-

  • Does not raise any ethical considerations
  • Abides by the university guidelines
  • Addresses a present research gap
  • Easy to research on
  • Fits in the restrictions of your dissertation

Some Examples Of Nursing Dissertation Topics

To further help you with choosing the best nursing topic, a list of dissertation topics in nursing has been discussed here.

Mental Health Nursing Dissertation Topics

  • Attitude of newly graduate nurses to mental health nursing

Reference- Happell, B., & Gaskin, C. J. (2012). The attitudes of undergraduate nursing students towards mental health nursing: a systematic review. Journal of Clinical Nursing, 22(1-2), 148-158.

  • Stress and burnout in nursing

Reference- Edwards, D., Burnard, P., Coyle, D., Fothergill, A., & Hannigan, B. (2000). Stress and burnout in community mental health nursing: a review of the literature. Journal of Psychiatric and Mental Health Nursing, 7(1), 7-14.

  • Psychological well-being of end-of-life patients
  • Factors affecting quality of life for chronically ill patients
  • Misconceptions of mental health nursing

Reference- Barker, P., & Buchanan-Barker, P. (2011). Myth of mental health nursing and the challenge of recovery. International Journal of Mental Health Nursing, 20(5), 337-344.

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Child Nursing Dissertation Topics Or Paediatric Nursing Dissertation Topics

  • Family centric paediatric nursing

Reference- Harrison, T. M. (2010). Family-Centered Pediatric Nursing Care: State of the Science. Journal of Pediatric Nursing, 25(5), 335-343.

  • Nursing students perception of paediatric nursing

Reference- Oermann, M. H., & Lukomski, A. P. (2001). Experiences of Students in Pediatric Nursing Clinical Courses. Journal for Specialists in Pediatric Nursing, 6(2), 65-72.

  • Resilience of parents taking care of chronically ill children.
  • Management of mother's health and childcare

Reference- Ricci, S. S., & Kyle, T. (2009). Maternity and Pediatric Nursing. In Google Books. Lippincott Williams & Wilkins. Retrieved from

Community Nursing Dissertation Topics

  • Post discharge management of chronically ill patients

Reference- Chow, S. K., Wong, F. K., Chan, T. M., Chung, L. Y., Chang, K. K., & Lee, R. P. (2008). Community nursing services for postdischarge chronically ill patients. Journal of Clinical Nursing, 17(7b), 260-271.

  • Social construction of community nursing

Reference- Kelly, A., & Symonds, A. (2017). The Social Construction of Community Nursing. In Google Books. Bloomsbury Publishing. Retrieved from

  • Decision making in community nursing

Reference- Bryans, A., & McIntosh, J. (1996). Decision making in community nursing: an analysis of the stages of decision making as they relate to community nursing assessment practice. Journal of Advanced Nursing, 24(1), 24-30.

Adult Nursing Dissertation Topics

  • Development practical skills in adult nursing

Reference- Baillie, L., & L, T. (2009). Developing Practical Adult Nursing Skills. In Google Books. CRC Press. Retrieved from

  • Adult nursing staff turnover

Reference- Halter, M., Boiko, O., Pelone, F., Beighton, C., Harris, R., Gale, J., Drennan, V. (2017). The determinants and consequences of adult nursing staff turnover: a systematic review of systematic reviews. BMC Health Services Research, 17(1).

  • Clinical stimulation in adult nursing education

Reference- McCallum, J. (2007). The debate in favour of using simulation education in pre-registration adult nursing. Nurse Education Today, 27(8), 825-831.

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Emergency Nursing Dissertation Ideas

  • Intuition in emergency nursing

Reference- Lyneham, J., Parkinson, C., & Denholm, C. (2008). Intuition in emergency nursing: A phenomenological study. International Journal of Nursing Practice, 14(2), 101-108.

  • Mental health of emergency nurses

Reference- Stathopoulou, H., Karanikola, M. N. K., Panagiotopoulou, F., & Papathanassoglou, E. D. E. (2011). Anxiety Levels and Related Symptoms in Emergency Nursing Personnel in Greece. Journal of Emergency Nursing, 37(4), 314-320.

  • Moral distress in emergency nursing

Reference- Wolf, L. A., Perhats, C., Delao, A. M., Moon, M. D., Clark, P. R., & Zavotsky, K. E. (2016). "It's a Burden You Carry": Describing Moral Distress in Emergency Nursing. Journal of Emergency Nursing, 42(1), 37-46.

Dissertation Topics In Nursing Education

  • Social health determinants and health promotion
  • Impact of stimulation in nursing education

Reference- Simulation in Nursing Education: A Review of the Research - ProQuest. (n.d.). Retrieved from website:

  • Simulation technology in nursing education

Reference- Medley, C. F., & Horne, C. (2005). Using Simulation Technology for Undergraduate Nursing Education. Journal of Nursing Education, 44(1), 31-34.

  • Critical thinking in nursing education

Reference- Simpson, E., & Courtney, M. (2002). Critical Thinking in Nursing Education: Literature Review. International Journal of Nursing Practice, 8, 89-98. Retrieved from

  • Role of multidisciplinary team in different specializations
  • Importance of evidence based practices in patient centric care

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Interesting Midwifery Dissertation Topics

  • Pain management with epidural analgesia
  • Post high-risk pregnancy care
  • Evolution of indigenous doulas
  • Peer support service in breastfeeding

Nursing Dissertation Topics On Pain Management

  • Pain management in surgical nursing

Reference- Bell, L., & Duffy, A. (2009). Pain assessment and management in surgical nursing: a literature review. British Journal of Nursing, 18(3), 153-156.

  • Pain management in nursing homes

Reference- Ferrell, B. A. (1995). Pain Evaluation and Management in the Nursing Home. Annals of Internal Medicine, 123(9), 681.

  • Nursing attitudes in pain assessment and management

Reference- Ferrell, B. A. (1995). Pain Evaluation and Management in the Nursing Home. Annals of Internal Medicine, 123(9), 681.

  • Effect of white noise in pain management

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Frequently Asked Questions Related to Nursing Dissertation Topics

How Can I Get Nursing Dissertation Help?

If you need help choosing nursing dissertation topics, we have provided some examples and steps on how to go about it. If you need further help in writing your dissertation, you can contact our customer service.

What Are Some Good Topics For Dissertation Topics For Child Nursing?

A good topic is one that abides by your university guidelines and addresses a present research gap and has an impact on the scientific community. Some good examples for children's nursing dissertation topics have been discussed above.

What Are Some Easy Nursing Dissertation Topics?

An easy dissertation topic is one that you have interest in and is easy to research on. Some examples are stated here. You can contact us for further dissertation help.

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