What Is Referencing And Its Importance In Writing The Assignments?

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Students pursuing their academic programs from various universities must write the assignment as a part of their curriculum. You must be fully informed of how to write the ideal assignment with the right structure and format. In addition, you need to have the right knowledge of referencing and citing the many pieces of information you have gathered from various websites, journals, and publications. References must be made for each piece of information to prevent plagiarism. You can acknowledge the writing and research of any other author in your work by using referencing.

Referencing is also known as giving credit to the author from whom you borrowed ideas and words. When writing an academic paper, you must conduct extensive research and attempt to summarize all the key concepts on which other authors have been working for many years. The reader must be able to locate all the sources of information you used in your writing part; therefore, referencing must be done carefully and accurately. Students must possess the necessary understanding of different styles and systems of referencing to do it effectively.

What Are The Different Styles Of Referencing Majorly Used By The Universities?

If we talk about the widely used style of referencing, then we have to focus on MLA, APA, and Harvard. These are the most common type of referencing styles used by various universities. So now we are going to elaborate on some most important styles of referencing.

  • it stands for modern language association and is a parenthetical system. It means it is a bracketed reference in the main text of your academic paper and connected to the full-length citation in the appendix at the last of your paper. The bracket you made in the research paper body should contain only the writer's name and the page number or number you want to reference it.

When we come to the bibliography part of the MLA, all the items must be alphabetically by the author's name. The order should be like this: writer's name, heading of book, publication's place, the name of the publisher, and exact date.

  1. Example: (Smith, 19), Steven smith. New formation: the revolution of the British empire 1934-1976
  • When we talk about APA referencing then, it is also one of the most commonly used references, which stands for American psychological association. It is also the same as MLA, i.e. parenthetical system, but the bracket used in the essay body consists of the author's name, publication date, and page number. This reference always goes at the end of sentences and before the full stop.

Also, the bibliography must be mentioned in alphabetical order. Each entry should include the author's name, the first initial, the publication date must be in a bracket, the name of the book, the publication place, and the producer.

  1. Example: ( Smith, 2003, p. 18), smith, S. ( 2005) new formation: the evolution of British empire 1934-1976
  • It uses brackets in the body of the essay, just like the previously specified referencing style. The author's name and publication date must be included in the reference.

Why Is It Necessary To Use Different Styles Of Referencing?

In academic papers, referencing is the most important component to include because it lends legitimacy to the entire research project. Additionally, all of the original authors' works will benefit from refinancing and receive certain benefits. We have listed a few more justifications for the use of reference style

  • The moment you take a source of information and do the referencing, that information means you are giving credit to the original author by proper citation of that information. In this way, the authors earn more value for their work.
  • Giving accurate citations in your academic paper will make it easier for the reader to locate the relevant sources from where you obtained the material. The reader will recognize that you have completed enough research from a variety of sources, including websites, books, magazines, journals, etc.
  • Referencing strengthens your authenticity and convinces the reader that you used the appropriate sources for your material.
  • It also emphasizes your viewpoint on the subject you choose for your assignment. As a result, by including references, you may easily support your investigative work and thoughts with adequate evidence.
  • Citing sources will also enable you to support the accuracy and precision of the information you have obtained from reliable sources.

Here Are Some Basic Rules For Different Referencing Styles

You must mention the reference paper at the end of each academic article you produce. It must give the reader access to the numerous sources you want to mention for your material and must provide the most pertinent information possible. The primary body of the article must contain all of your research's citations.

  • It is mandatory to have the hanging indentation. All line lines after the first line of each entry of the citation and reference list should be indented from the left margin.
  • All the names of authors must be inverted way, i.e., the last name must be mentioned in the first.
  • All the reference list entries should be in alphabetical order.
  • If there are multiple articles of the same author, then authors must be mentioned in the same order.
  • Never try to italicize the titles or underline them.

These are some of the key guidelines for referencing in academic papers. Once you adhere to these guidelines, you will avoid making the same mistakes again and will be able to create good citations and references. You can consult with our assignment writing services. We compose the assignment with the most authentic information and follow the appropriate refining because we are well aware of the various university referencing styles

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