What are the Different Types of Research Methods and Methodologies Used by a Researcher?

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Research has always been playing an important role when it comes to writing an assignment or drafting a report that is based on different topics. Being one of the most important characteristics of any work, it takes a lot of effort to dig out hundreds of pre-written sources and find out the most relevant piece.

What are the Different Types of Research Methods Used by a Researcher?

Many kinds of research methods and types are used by researchers to design an assignment or report that shares unique and exclusive knowledge about a particular subject. To have a closer look at the two most popular kinds of research methods, let's take the help of the following points:

Fundamental Research

By the name itself, this kind of research is considered one of the most basic forms of research. It is based on theories and helps the researchers to have an in-depth understanding of a certain phenomenon. It gives an overview of how things are carried out or performed and does not share the knowledge of how a certain process can be enhanced. It is amongst the most convenient research methods that are commonly used by researchers so that they can easily collect information that is related to a common topic or issue. This kind of research has helped the researchers to specifically enhance their skills and to give ways to their code of conduct.

Applied Research

This kind of research is done on a large scale, and it is done based on finding a solution to a particular problem or answering definite questions. This kind of research gives precise solutions to the one who is conducting it, and also it helps the researchers to be more specific while finding out a logical solution. It is one of the most important types of research methods that are exclusively used by those researchers who are handling more complex issues. 

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Are There Any Additional Types Of Research Methodologies?

While designing a project, the researchers must follow multiple types of research methods so that they can come across multiple resources and can collect more relevant facts that they can include in their assignments. Amongst a collection of methods of researchlet's attain knowledge about the most important forms of research methods that are most commonly used by the researchers:

  • Action Research

This kind of research is commonly used in various kinds of educational institutions as it examines the actions and assesses their effectiveness while trying to bring out a desired outcome. It is one of the most exclusive examples of research methods that are widely used by researchers to collect data.

  • Casual Research

This kind of research is also called explanatory research, as it helps the researchers to determine the relationships between various variables. It means this kind of research helps the researchers to identify the change caused by one variable on the other. The most important type of methodology in research this kind of research enables the researcher to evaluate a current process and to see if it is going to make any changes in the future.

  • Classification Research

This kind of research helps the researchers to find out various kinds of elements related to the subject and to classify them according to their type. It helps the researchers to classify the collected data into larger groups or subgroups. It is one of the most important elements of research design and methods that are used globally.

  • Comparative Research

This kind of research allows the researchers to find differences and similar characteristics between two subjects and groups. Making it easier for them to write a comparative piece of work, it allows the scholars who put queries related to "what are research methodsto know in-depth about the different and similar characteristics of a single subject.

  • Deductive Research

This is one of the most specific kinds of research, and it is based on theory testing; with this, it tests the accuracy of the collected data based on various experiments and observations.

Amongst all the different research methodsit is one of the best kinds of research methods that is used by researchers, to sum up, their exclusive data.

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