What Is An Ecosystem Service?

calendar 28 September 2022

Ecosystem provides many services to the humans like air, water and many other creatures which maintain the ecosystem is known as the ecosystem services. Ecosystem services can be beneficial for all the creatures whether it is humans or any other creatures. For instance, pollination done by bees which is very important part of the ecosystem services because without phenomena, we cannot imagine the agriculture and horticulture at all. Ecosystem services cannot be created artificially because it is a natural process conducted by bees, water, land and various other natural resources.

Basically the depletion of natural resources is considered as the big trouble before the ecosystem services.

What Is Ecology System?

It is biological community which live in a particular area and have a very strong interaction with the non-living things like water, air and some other natural minerals. Let us have a look at the structure of the ecosystem.

  • The structure of ecosystem is considered as the mixture of biotic and abiotic components.
  • The structure of ecosystem is divided into two parts namely biotic and abiotic.
  • Biotic factor is one of the important parts of ecology system because it impacts directly to human life. There are three things that take place in this process. The first is producers, consumers and decomposers. This is how we get three types of consumers in this ecosystem; the first is known as the primary, secondary and tertiary consumers. Herbivores are considered as the primary consumers, primary carnivores are considered as the secondary consumers and secondary carnivores are considered as the tertiary consumers in the ecosystem.

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What Are The Types Of Ecosystem?

An ecosystem can be created in a very small area of land or water and it can spread in lakhs of kilometres. Basically ecosystem is divided in two categories.

  • Terrestrial ecosystem
  • Aquatic ecosystem,

Terrestrial ecosystem: It is basically land based ecosystem which creates at the land. There are four types of terrestrial ecosystem.

  • Grassland ecosystem: It contains different types of grass and vegetation in its area. There are two good examples of grassland ecosystem, the first is tropical grassland and the second one is savana grassland.
  • Desert ecosystem: This kind of ecosystem is found in drought areas where less precipitation is recorded during the year. In this areas, we days are recorded as hot and nights are recorded as cold.
  • Tundra ecosystem: These areas are full of trees and recorded as cold areas.
  • Forest ecosystem: In this ecosystem, there are number of trees found and there are many animals found as well. Jungles are helpful in maintaining the temperature of the earth.

Aquatic System: This ecosystem is found in water bodies. It can be categorised into two categories.

  • Marine Ecosystem: Seas and oceans are main parts of the marine ecosystem. In this kind of ecosystem, salt content dominates which is why it has less dense ecosystem.
  • Fresh water ecosystem: It is also a part of aquatic ecosystem which salt content is absent. It is fresh water; hence it has a dense biodiversity.

What is an ecologist?

The role of an ecologist is to analysing the interactions between organisms and environment in which water, different creatures of that ecosystem are considered. Let us understand more about the work of ecologist.

  • Ecologist has to solve the issues related to environment.
  • They have to cure the environmental imbalance of the ecosystem environment.
  • They also need to move in the field to gather information related to ecosystem of the environment.

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What Is The Importance Of Ecology?

Ecology has greater impact on human life as well as on other creatures. As it covers vast area of study because we cannot imagine life on earth without considering the importance of ecology and biodiversity. Let us understand ecology deeply, as ecology is the interdisciplinary subject curved out from Biology subject. With the help of following points we can understand the importance of ecology.

  • Helpful for conservation: Ecosystem is helpful in conserving the life on earth as well as in aquatic world.
  • With the help of ecology we have been able to mitigate the issues of ecosystem.
  • It is greatly important in controlling the disease and pest in the ecosystem.
  • The impact of different insects on humans sometimes lead them till death that is why ecology has been able to solve this issue by understanding the interaction of these insects with the ecosystem.
  • Ecology is creating ecofriendlyness in the ecosystem which is very important for the existence of humans and other creatures.
  • Ecology is helpful in the conservation of biodiversity on the earth as well as in aquatic bodies.

How Do Humans Impact The Environment?

As population of humans is increasing day by day on the earth so they are developing various kind of technological development to make their life more comfortable. Let us understand the human impact on environment.

  • Overpopulation: Since the modern medicine is developed, the life expectancy of humans has increased drastically. As a result, growth of population also got increased which greatly impacted the environment.
  • Pollution: Humans have polluted the environment on the name of development. In order to develop numerous facilities, we have created several things which impact the environment negatively.
  • Climate change: Just because of human activities we have impacted the climate a lot. As the humans are developing many industries to fulfil the quench of the world.
  • Genetic modification: Genetically modified crops have been able to meet the demand of food grains in the world.
  • Water pollution: Water pollution is also one of the factors which are also created by the humans. It is also one the big factors of environment.
  • Deforestation: It is also the result of human activity on the name of development.

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