What Is Psychology?

calendar 10 August 2022

It is the study of mind and behaviour. Psychologist use Psychology to study the psychological disorders of patients who are suffering from mental disease. However, mind is a complex part of the human body which we need to care a lot as it is the driver of our body. All the theories are drafted by the observation of human minds and behaviour.

Apart from this, psychologists need to conduct various research as well which is the part their profession. Let us have a look at the types of psychology. There are multiple types of psychologist available in the world for different psychological diseases, however, there is no such as fixed type of psychologist. Following are the points which will help in getting an insight on different kinds of contemporary psychologist.

  • Developmental psychology: In the developmental psychology, psychologists try to understand the psychological developmental changes in entire the life cycle. In other words, it can be said that whatever we experience in entire life is referred to as developmental psychology. Developmental psychology also studies the mental status of children, adults and old as well. There are many kinds of skills are studied in the developmental psychology.
  • Social psychology: The impact of society on human behaviour is analysed under the social psychology. In this the feelings and behaviour impacted in the process of social leanings is analysed under the social psychology. The factors which are considered under social psychology can be improved by interacting with the people in the society.
  • Reverse psychology: With the help of reverse psychology technique, psychologists try to insert those ideas and behaviour which are opposite to the desired ideas. Reverse psychology is very useful to cure the mental issues of children but it can harmful for those students who have very low self-esteem. With the help of reverse psychology we can accomplish those works which are not possible in a sample way. Let us understand it thorough an example, if you want that your children have green vegetables then you need to say to your children that do not have this vegetable instead of saying have your vegetables, this is how reverse psychology works.
  • Positive psychology: Whatever makes our life worthwhile is analysed under the positive psychology. This concept of psychology is used to improve the quality of life and traits of people. The fundamental purpose of positive psychology is to understand the positive aspects of life. There are five principles on which positive psychology works that is Known as PERMA which is elaborated as positive emotion, engagement, relationship, meaning and accomplishment. In other words, we say that positive psychology considers about the love, happiness, compassion and gratitude which are essential for our mental health. Let us have a look at some advantages of positive psychology like we change one's perspective of about anything which is one of the best parts of positive psychology.
  • Criminal psychology: This concept of psychology is used to analyse their mental status like thought, intention of crime and try to find out actual reason of crime. Apart from this, this concept of psychology is used to understand their source of motivation. With the help of criminal psychology concepts most of the investigating agencies use to analyse and understand the criminal behaviour of suspects and the people who practice criminal psychology are known as criminal psychologist. With the help these psychologists, these investigative agencies accomplish the task of interrogation from the criminal. Criminal psychology is considered under the applied psychology which is often used by the investigative agencies. There are many researches have been conducted by various educational institutions in the field of psychology research, hence the popularity of this subject have taken place among the students who are aspiring to move for their further studies.
  • Humanistic psychology: Humanistic psychology is used to analyse the whole psychological personality of an individual from their perspective. Let us understand the application this concept in real life. With the help this psychological concept, psychologist try to cure multiple psychological disorders like depression, schizophrenia and some other mental diseases. This also known as the talk therapy which is used by the psychologist to cure the psychological disorder. This therapy can be used in different other sectors where people are affected this sorts of diseases.
  • Abnormal psychology: Abnormal psychology aims to analyse the abnormal behaviour of people. It is also referred as unusual pattern of behaviour which performed by some patients. There are some diseases like obsessive compulsive disorder, schizophrenia, mood disorder and some other psychological disorders. The reasons behind abnormal psychological disorder are the continuous illness and some hormonal imbalance in human brain which make a person act abnormally.

How Do We Develop Psychological Thought?

Development of psychological thought starts from our childhood as we grow up our brain also develop and at same time our brain start secreting some hormones which affect our thought process as well as body. These thoughts are studied with the help of psychology and who analyses these practices are known as psychologist, however, there are various kinds of psychologists that means different diseases are cured through the different methods of psychological analysis. Apart from this, we also develop psychological thought from our schools, our society, and family and especially from our parents and friends because these are the persons who play an important role in our life as they give their maximum time to us. This is how we can say that in the development of psychological thought all these factors matter a lot.

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