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Evidence law is an important part of law studies as it rules what is and what is not admissible in the court of law. A lawyer needs to be aware of these things when attending a court procedure. The importance of various evidences might vary according to the case type, but usually the laws of the country state a hierarchy of significance allotted to the different evidences. That is why a law student has to be thorough with these laws. Many student struggles to make assignments on these that meet the expected standard of their instructor. But with the guidance of professional evidence law assignment help this tedious task can be simplified.

What Is Required In Evidence Law Assignment?

Evidence is supposed to be robust, reliable and relevant to the case in hand. There are different types of evidences that have different priority as per the case. But there are some guidelines that state its hierarchy in general. According to evidence law assignment helper, the cardinal principle of law of evidences states that the evidence must be relevant to the issue in hand, hearsay evidence should not be admitted and the best evidence should be submitted. There are other principles regarding evidences as well that are stated in the Civil Evidence Act 1968 and Evidence Act 1951. Some of the key statements from the Act are discussed here-

  • Evidence is anything that produces persuasion in the mind of the judge or the jury. Final belief is the proof. Any evidence that finalizes the concerns of the judge or jury is the proof of evidence.
  • Oral or documentary evidences are admissible in the court of law. Any tape recording is also admissible under documentary evidence.
  • Evidences are further classified as per their types.
  • The law of evidence is not applicable in the military forces who have their own laws and arbitration proceedings or domestic inquiries.
  • Any evidence before being presented has to be presented under the evidence on oath.
  • It defines dying declaration as documentary evidence and how it should be taken.
  • Hearsay evidences are not admissible in the court of law as it is not directly given by the witness but is narrated by another person and the facts cannot be verified.
  • It also defines the burden of proof that is on the prosecution. According to law the defendant is innocent until proven guilty. So, the burden of proof lies on the prosecutor to proof their guilt and the defense does not raise any facts or issues on their own.
  • The proof that is given by the prosecutor should be proof beyond doubt for the suspect to be convicted.

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Types Of Evidences In Evidence Law Assignment Help

Evidences can be divided into different classifications as per the Evidence Act. This includes-

    Direct Evidence This is acquired directly by the witness through one of their senses of hearing, seeing or touching. It is not overhead or learned from hearsay. The court and jury should be satisfied with the circumstances under which the evidence was acquired.
    Circumstantial Evidence These are not direct evidences and are based on circumstances that are relevant to the case. Say in a murder case, the suspect was present in the same building at the time of crime. There is no proof the suspect committed the crime. Thus, it is not direct but there is proof of their presence. Thus, it is circumstantial and leads the jury to have doubt against the suspect. With enough circumstantial evidences, the judge and jury can come to a conclusion.
    Expert Evidence It is the opinion of an expert on an evidence or occurrence that has occurred in the crime scene. For example, in case of murder by poison the testimony of a toxicologist will be expert evidence. It is not counted as an opinion but rather an interpretation of an observable fact.
    Real Evidence It is physical evidences that are collected during the investigation and can be submitted. It can be weapon, biological evidence, poison vials, documents and photographs.

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Tips Curated By Evidence Law Assignment Experts

When doing your evidence law assignment, you will come across a number of challenges. Our evidence law assignment writing services have curated a few tips for you to overcome these-

  • Collect all the facts and relevant information to the assignment. Do you research and make notes. Use reliable sources when doing your research.
  • Follow IRAC- Issue, rule, application and conclusion for effective legal analysis of the topic in hand. You can also apply it on your sub topics to have a well arranged assignment content.
  • Use formal language with academic terms. Avoid slang and jargons. Try to keep the theories simple.
  • Keep in mind the law of evidence when analyzing the evidence in hand.
  • Proofread your work before submitting to avoid silly mistakes.

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