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A dissertation is normally associated with higher studies at the master's Level or at the PhD level. However, it is now common for dissertations to be assigned for undergraduate studies as well. Although not as rigorous as that at the level of higher studies, the undergraduate dissertation is a useful way for a student to dwell deeper into a subject and topic of choice. Students can seek necessary undergraduate dissertation help in completing the assignment.

Students Who Need Dissertation Help For Undergraduate Degree Must Understand The Key Differences Between Undergraduate And Masters Dissertation

The Key Differences Between The Dissertations At The Undergraduate And The Master's Levels Are

Word Count Often the word count for an undergraduate dissertation is far less than that for a Master's dissertation. An undergraduate dissertation can be limited to around 10,000 words on the whole. For a Masters Dissertation the word count must be up to 15,000 words. When one thinks of the dissertation for a Ph. D program, the word count could run into six figures.
New Idea In a dissertation at the Master’s level, it is important to present an idea that is considered to be original and new. It could well be a different and original view point on an existing matter. Nevertheless the assessment at the Master's level is on the degree of originality presented.
Reference Materia In line with the requirement of presenting a new and original idea, extensive research on the topic is essential. Accordingly, the literature to be referenced must also be extensive. This is an essential requirement in the dissertation at the undergraduate level.

For a dissertation at the undergraduate level, the reference material researched and presented need not be very extensive. This can be limited to some materials commonly understood to be most relevant for the topic.

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The undergraduate dissertation is often an essential paper required to be written up in order to obtain the relevant degree. The topics may be assigned or chosen by the student. Despite the differences in the dissertations in the Master's and Undergraduate levels, the process of writing a dissertation at the undergraduate level is similar to that at the higher levels. As a consequence, there are plenty of options for seeking dissertation help for undergraduates.

Writing a dissertation involves the following:

  • Choosing the subject and the topic

The choice of the subject is left entirely to the student. She decides the subject on the basis of her area of interest and her career objectives. The topic of the dissertation is usually provided by the institute. However, at times the students can choose a topic of their preference.

  • Finding a Guide, Supervisor, or Advisor

For a successful dissertation, the Guide, Advisor, or the Supervisor, plays an important role. This is a person who has the experience and the knowledge related to the subject matter of choice. The Supervisor is someone who can also help the student in choosing the topic for the dissertation.

So where does one find the Supervisor? This could be a person well known to the student and willing to devote the time and effort for the dissertation. In the alternative, the Supervisor could be arranged for by the Institute from among its faculty. They would normally have a list of people who regularly help students to write their dissertation. And finally the student can seek the help of many online resources in identifying the Supervisor who would be able to help with the dissertation.

  • Preparing the Outline of the Dissertation

The first step in writing the dissertation is to think it through as clearly as possible. This enables a basic outline to be prepared. At times people suggest that the index page of the dissertation be prepared first.

In chalking out the outline of the dissertation, the help of the Guide, Advisor, or Supervisor should also be sought. At this stage the Supervisor is able to help with identifying some of the issues that may be missing in the outline. The Supervisor may also have pertinent inputs to give the student on how the research must be carried out.

The outline usually comprises the following Chapters:

  1. Abstract or Summary

The Abstract or Summary Chapter is a summary of the main points presented in the dissertation. This chapter is meant to present to the reader the main points of the research in a succinct manner. It is convenient for the reader to get an overall perspective of the dissertation from the Abstract or Summary and then to read the rest of the material to understand the details.

  1. The Introduction

This chapter sets out the problem, the hypothesis, or the issue that will be examined in the dissertation. It presents a statement of the students understanding of the problem.

  1. The literature review

The literature review is an explanation of the understanding of the problem set out in the Introduction chapter. It provides a brief description of how the problem is perceived by other authors and dissertation experts on the subject. At times it also states how the existing literature differs from what the research in the dissertation states.

  1. The Methodology

The chapter on methodology explains the method adopted for the research. For an undergraduate dissertation, usually a simple desk research and some interviews are sufficient. However in the case of dissertations for higher studies, the aspect of field studies and research as well as details of data gathered must be included in methodology. Further, the statistical process and methodologies adopted are included in this chapter when writing a engineering dissertation for higher studies.

  1. The findings and conclusion

It presents the arguments in support of the issue, problem or hypothesis stated in the Introduction. Usually this Chapter will be the longest and must be the clearest.

  1. Bibliography

This is a comprehensive listing of the materials referred to in the process of conducting the research and writing the dissertation.

  • Composing the content

The longest and final step is to research the topic and prepare the dissertation itself. This is the most time consuming part of the dissertation. Often this undergoes a number of iterations before it can be finalized.

The undergraduate dissertation is usually around 10,000 words long. Unlike the dissertation for higher studies, it can be factual and does not require that an innovative point be captured or suggested. Since it is a paper that is expected to reflect a depth of understanding, many universities examine the students ability to research a topic and present her understanding of the topic.

An important part of any dissertation is a listing of the materials perused in the research. A comprehensive listing of reference material is essential. Usually the Guide, Advisor, or Supervisor can direct the student to a list of essential materials and other resources. There are a number of websites that also provide the relevant reference material.

Writing the content itself is time consuming. It requires the sub-topics to be read, written, discussed with the Guide, and modified as required. Simultaneously the listing of the reference material must be accurately stated.

Students can take the help of an undergraduate dissertation writing service. There are many options available online and it is up to the student to choose the online dissertation help for undergraduate students.

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  • Assistance in writing the content of the report following applicable guidelines of the Institute. The writing work must be done in consultation with the student.
  • Ensuring that the content is presented in a comprehensible manner, using info-graphics, tables etc. The Abstract must be written in a manner to catch the attention of the reader.
  • Ensuring that the references and citations are accurately and clearly stated.
  • Creating an accurate index and a bibliography with correct references to the text.
  • Proof reading and modifying the content as required, for each version of the dissertation report.
  • Comply with the deadlines set by the Institute for submitting the report. Usually an initial draft of the Introduction and the Literature must be submitted at the end of the first year of course and the final report must be filed before the course ends.

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