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Assignments can a tedious task. Especially if you are pursuing a course like CIPD that requires an in-depth knowledge of practical experience to address the nuances in the assignment questions. But you have got nothing to worry about because you have got us. Curious about how we can help you out? Read on.

CIPD was established by the Royal Charter about 100 years ago. In England and Northern Ireland, the certificate programme offered, the Foundation Certificate in people practice, is governed by the Regulated Qualification Framework (RQF). At the inception of the foundation, it primarily aimed to raise the competency level of human resources. But gradually it grew internationally and now serves beginners in learning and developing human resources. Currently, it also operates in the UAE and KSA. CIPD also undertakes research to assist HR professionals in developing and addressing the development concerning employers and governments. This attempts to increase the overall productivity of HR.

Qualifying for CIPD levels also makes the student eligible for CIPD membership. The kind of membership depends on the level of qualification. This gives you opportunities to be part of employer organization and other such prestigious groups. This helps you build a professional network that equips you with more employment and promotional opportunities as well as tools and resources to advance your career.

What Will I Learn In CIPD?

CIPD stands for Chartered Institute of Personnel Development. It is one of the main professional bodies that provide certification courses on HR qualification. It was founded as an answer to the need of more competent HR personnel on the field. But since then it has expanded its course to learning and development as well.

The course is divided into three levels each being equivalent to a certain qualification. This requires you to have some entry-level experience in Human resources or learning an development before taking it on. Qualifying through these levels also gives you access to membership of professional body of HR and L&D and other employer's organizations. This will be advantageous for your professional profile as it gives your career a boost with many employment and promotional opportunities.

Different Levels Of CIPD

There are three levels in CIPD for both human resources and learning and development. You can apply for one pathway or a combination of both.

CIPD Level 3 Level 3 is a foundation course. For this entry-level experience or basic knowledge is enough. It is a Diploma level certification.
CIPD Level 5 Level 5 is an intermediate course. This is a graduate-level course and requires you to have some managerial-level experience if not foundation knowledge.
CIPD Level 7 Level 7 is an advanced course and equivalent to a post-graduate degree. That is why ample experience in the field is required if not an intermediate course certificate.

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What Will I Learn In CIPD Level 3 Modules - Explained By Experts Of CIPD Assignment Help For Level 3?

It is a foundation level qualification course aimed to boost the confidence and capabilities of people professionals in decision-making, actions and behaviors. It marks the international benchmark and provides a strong foundation for people professionals.

CIPD Level 3 Consists Of 4 Units

3CO01 Business, culture, and change in context- It focuses on the external factors influencing business and culture. And how the digital and commercial environment shapes the business and culture it operates in. It also discusses the effect of people behavior in the context of the organizational culture and how it helps manage change effectively.

3CO02 Principles of analytics- This unit focuses on the straightforward and the complex choices that people professionals have to make as a part of their roles and responsibilities. It delves into the utilization of diverse range of analytics and evidence necessary for rationalizing and enhancing working practices and situational decision-making in a way that will create value.

3CO03 Core behaviors for people professionals- This unit discusses the core behaviors a people professional should act in and the ethical practices, professional values, and professional development. It promotes a behavioral protocol for a universal application that will ascertain inclusivity and respect in the organization.

3CO04 Essentials for people practice- This unit discusses the fundamentals of people practice from the employee life cycle to policies and laws regulating them. It also discusses the many specialist subjects such as recruitment, talent management, reward and learning and development that are essential to people professionals. It enables the practitioners to apply this knowledge and skills to build their confidence and use them to progress in their careers. The minimum guided lecture hour is 120 hours and the total qualification time is 240 hours to complete this qualification course. After qualifying for this course, the students will be eligible for CIPD Level 5 Associate Diploma in People management or CIPD Level 5 Associate Diploma in Organizational Learning and Development.

What Will I learn in CIPD Level 5?

CIPD Level 5 Associate Diploma in People Management includes strategic objectives and how to use data to improve performance. This course takes around 12-16 months to complete and upon completion, the student qualifies for CIPD Associate membership.

This course involves three core units, three specialist units, and one optional unit. The course for this diploma delves into organizational performance, evidence-based practice and professional values. The specialists course includes employment relationship management, talent management and workforce planning and reward for performance and contribution. The course also gives the student freedom to select an optional elective that includes specialist employment law, advancement in digital learning and development, learning and development essentials, people management in the international context, diversity and inclusion, leadership and management development and well-being at work.

Qualifying this level makes you eligible for roles like people analyst, talent manager, employee relation manager, resourcing business manager, reward and benefits manager, and diversity and inclusivity specialist.

How should I write my CIPD level 5 assignment answers?

Some basics that you should follow when attempting to write your CIPD Level 5 assignment answers are-

  • Base the answers in real life. As people practice is a practical skill, most of CIPD answers can be related to real-life scenarios. It is important to relate your theoretical concepts with real situations where you can apply them in an efficient way. This boosts the impact of your answers.
  • Plan the structure of your answers ahead. This will help you build a cohesive and concise essay that covers all the key points. This will also help you maintain a flow of writing while you adhere to the basic essay writing structure of introduction, body, and conclusion.
  • Well researched. The answers should be well-researched and the sources should be cited. The sources used should not be outdated and be relevant to the topic.
  • Proofread your work! It is important to proofread to avoid any grammatical or spelling errors that you might make. It also helps you revise your work and add any points that you might have missed out on.
  • Write original. Do not copy from anywhere and even if you refer to sources always cite them. Paraphrasing is your friend and tries to paraphrase referred work as much as possible.

Some students are still unable to follow these instructions. They find it hard and cannot perform as expected. This might be due to a lack of time, interest, resources, or understanding. But you need not worry about it. None of these reasons should come in the way of you getting the grades your desire. Let us look at some alternatives.

What Will I Learn In CIPD Level 7 Under The Supervision Of The Best CIPD Level 7 Assignment Provider?

CIPD Level 7 is equivalent to a postgraduate in Human Resource Management. It is the highest level of qualification in the field of human resources. It deals with the comprehensive and contemporary study of strategic management of people and is the study of choice for senior HR professionals. CIPD Level 7 will develop your personal effectiveness and business acumen. You will also learn how to design and manage your own strategy and enhance your [people management skills to best lead your team.

This qualification will also allow you to become a Chartered member of the CIPD which will give you the designation of Chartered MCIPD or Charted FCIPD after your name on official documents like CV.

It takes about 2 years to complete when studying part-time with a 30 months support period to complete your course. This course in total has 8 modules, 4 core subjects, 3 specialist subjects and 1 optional. These modules revolve around the factors that affect business, strategic reward management, employment relations, sustainable resourcing and talent management, technology in enhancing learning, diversity and inclusion, managing people in the international context, employment laws in practice and organizational design and development.

How Can I Do My CIPD Level 7 Assignment Online?

Some basic tips that you should follow while attempting to do your CIPD Level 7 assignment are-

  • Choose a relevant topic- The topic should address a current research gap or update on old research. It should be relevant to the needs of the hours and the region of the study. Also, it should have enough source material for you to base your research on.
  • Researching- While researching remember to take notes and bookmark the sources you refer from. The material should be latest and up to date with the current developments. Do not add information that you are not sure is true. The sources should be credible and reliable.
  • Structuring your assignment- An assignment usually consists of an introduction, body, and conclusion. But a high distinction assignment has much more than that. You might want to plan your assignment ahead of time with key points that you want to be addressed in each paragraph and how to string them all together without disrupting the flow.
  • Good writing skills- You need not be a professional writer to ace your assignment but your writing should have a flow and be concise. It should not be distracting or full of jargon and slang. The language should be formal and academic. Further instructions will be stated with the assignment question.
  • Referencing- You have to give credit where it is due. Whenever you refer to some old research or site or books you want to state the same clearly. The referencing style will be informed to you by your university but if not you should look up which referencing style is preferred in the field of your study.
  • Proofreading- Proofreading is an important part of your assignment. Sometimes you think you have added something but you have not. And sometimes you might be too indulged in the content that you make silly spelling or grammar mistakes. All these can be overcome by simply proofreading the text before submitting it. It will also save you from your marks getting deducted over silly mistakes.

It might be difficult for a few to follow all these tips but worry not. You can still get the grades of your desire. Want to know how? Keep on reading.

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Why Do Students Say Write My CIPD Assignment?

Students might find their CIPD assignments hard to write because of the following reasons-

  • Lack of time- Whether you are pursuing the course full-time or part-time, it is normal to feel overburdened at some point due to the increased workload. But we can help you out with this by taking some of your responsibilities off your hand.
  • Lack of knowledge- CIPD courses are very knowledge based. If you have weak foundation knowledge or not enough experience in the relevant field, you might feel lost when doing assignments for CIPD level 7. But you have nothing to worry about. We have got your back.
  • Lack of resources- Sometimes it is hard to access resources and sieve out the relevant information from it. For that reason, students prefer professional assignment help you can provide them ready-made subject matter to submit as an assignment and study from as well.
  • Lacking depth of academic writing- Not many people feel blessed with the skill of writing. And even lesser are confident about their academic writing skill. If you fall into the majority and are worried your writing might not score much, do not worry. We got your back.
  • Proofreading and editing- You might do the entire assignment on your own but need a professional eye to make sure your work is up to standard. DO not fret. We provide proofreading and editing services as well.
  • Plagiarism check- Students do not have access to good plagiarism-checking software. Because of this they are blind-sighted to the amount of plagiarism in their content till the final submission. But we got you. We provide you plagiarism report along with your assignment from the software that is used by most universities.

But the question remains, who should you go to for CIPD level 3 assignment help? Turns out you right where you need to be!

Topics Covered By CIPD Assignment Experts For CIPD Assignment

Maintain a diverse and inclusive work culture in global context Contextual factors of an international organization
Comparing convergent and divergent approaches of informing people management policies and practice choices Difference of people management practice across international boundaries
Cultural and institutional differences considered when managing people practice in a global context Risk and challenges arising from digitalization of the learning and development framework
Different learning and development approaches in enhancing leadership and managerial skills External factors that contribute to the requirements of leadership and management priorities in an organization
Agents that impact the decision making of selecting and resourcing in global context for international organizations Role of people practice management in re-entry and resettlement of overseas workers
Role of extrinsic and intrinsic rewards to improving employee contribution and sustained organizational performance Importance of benefits and reward system provided to employee and its impact on their performance
Legal requirements of an organization in international context Female empowerment and closing the pay gap within the organization
Digital and technological collaboration on the design and delivery of learning and development over the time Identifying barriers to achieving diversity and inclusion within the organization and strategies to overcome them

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CIPD Level 3 is Foundation course and made easy for beginners. It provides a base knowledge for people who have little experience in the practical field of Human resources or learning and development. CIPD Level 5 is intermediate level and builds on the knowledge of foundation level. Students might take direct entry into Level 5 as well provided they have a degree in human resources or learning and development or have worked in a managerial position in these fields. CIPD Level 7 is an advanced course and need in-depth knowledge in the field of human resource or learning and development. It is equivalent to post-graduation degree so demands a lot of pre-requisite knowledge. If you have not cleared the intermediate level you at least have to have a graduation degree in human resources or have plenty of experience in the practical field.

Yes! Our experts are highly qualified. They have passed out from some of the best institutes for human resources and learning and development. So, you have got nothing to worry about when you rely on us for your CIPD assignment help.

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